Buxton Update

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I had been trying to fit Bernard Buxton into my family tree; well I can reveal that he is my third cousin once removed. His 2x Great Grandfather – Henry Buxton (1824 – 1900) is my 3x Great Grandfather.

If anyone has ever wondered about how difficult it is to commit identity theft let me just say that from starting with no more information than is displayed on his company website I now know his date of birth & marriage, his fathers date of birth and marriage, his Grandfathers date of birth & the dates of his two marriages (although I already new about the one). All of this information I obtained from sources that are in the public domain and freely available.


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  1. Judith Brierley on

    I understand that someone is looking for the descendants of William Dale who was the postman for many years. As I understand it he is the uncle of my grandfather George Dale. William is the son of Joseph Dale and Hannah Dale nee Lomas. He was born in 1850 and married Hariett Elizabeth. They had three children (to my knowledge) – John William, Fred and Arthur.

  2. iolaire1 on

    Henry Buxton (1824-1900) was the grandson of Samuel Buxton (born 1767). Samuel had a brother, William ( 1772-1845). William is my 4 x great grandfather.
    The common root is Daniel Buxton. I have no date of birth for him but he had a daughter, Alice, born in 1703. And I suspect he had another daughter, Mary, born in 1701. So possibly he was born in 1680 or thereabouts.

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