August wrap up

I finally managed to get back to Rushton at the end of the month and so was able to spend an afternoon transcribing memorial inscriptions. Some maintenance work has been carried out in the graveyard and the vegetation that I was crawling through to find graves earlier in the year has now been cleared to expose the graves and in an other area of the graveyard some vegetation has been cleared and an number of graves I was not aware of are now visible if not exactly accessible including another two tombs. While I have not attempted to record these memorial inscriptions at this time at least I know that they are there and so will be able to record them. Unfortunately for some reason that is beyond me there has been a fire on top of two and next to another two headstones which has unfortunately resulted in damage to a number of the head stones.

38 new MIs have been added which include an additional 127 names – 17 of which are on the same tomb. On top of this another 10 years of the parish registers have been added.

Work is still on going on the registers and as some of you may be aware from visiting the website the year 1727 is missing from fiche F1109/1, I have contacted the Staffordshire Record Office and I am currently waiting for a response from them as to whether the relevant year is in the original registers. If it is not then I will have to contact Lichfield Record Office to see if the have the Bishops Transcripts for the relevant year.

If anyone is wondering why there is a picture of a rather fine cat at the start of this post, it is because this feline not only tried to make itself at home in the car, but also accompanied me around the graveyard for four hours before setting off across the fields – I can only assume home.

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  1. Gillian Beer on

    Thank you, please carry on the good work.

    I visited Rushton church for the first time in early August and am delighted to hear that the undergrowth around the graves is being cleared. It’s a truly lovely spot and I hope to visit again with more of the family.

    Meanwhile I am making progress with connecting the Armitts/Armetts of Heaton and hope to share the results with you in the next few months.

    Best wishes

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