Jim Paice asks for badger photographs

Shadow environment secretary Jim Paice speaking at the CLA Game Fair called for everyone with TB infected badgers on their land to photograph them.

“I want everyone with TB infected badgers on their land to take photos of them, …

There is nothing more repulsive than seeing a badger with TB. They suffer immensely. …

… If we can bring this to the public’s attention, we can change their minds about a badger cull.”

My only concern is who would actually publish these pictures? It’s obvious that much of the media is in denial preferring to portray the countryside as populated by Bambi Peter Rabbit Bill the Badger and Mrs Tiggywinkle, even if Old Broc likes nothing more than Mrs Tiggywinkle for breakfast, dinner, tea and supper. Anyway why are the Government investing £20m (especially when research is likely to cost 50 times this amount) in a vaccine for badgers when they are not seen as an agent in the spread of bovine TB? Or why if more testing is the perceived solution is TB still increasing, does it not follow that increasing the frequency of testing and pre-movement testing will make things worse?

At the end of the day this is not just a cattle/badger problem, it affects a wide range of species, including humans. To control the spread of TB we currently cull cattle, In people it was isolation hospitals, in wildlife we do nothing as it is considered less cruel to allow the disease to rampage unchecked, which to me makes as much sense as the RSPCA’s comment that a fox that has been shot and wounded (not killed) does not suffer as there is no scientific evidence to show that they do (probably because the scientists are of sufficient intelligence to realise that a wounded animal does suffer and so there is no need to waste time researching the plainly obvious.

It is not possible to control disease without looking at all the angles, and to do half a job is no better than doing nothing!

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  1. Jan Curtis on

    Why does no one look and listen.
    They have been killing badgers in Ireland now for the last 20 years. the badger is virtually extinct in some areas now.
    The incidence of bovine TB amongst Irish cows has increased by 13% in that time. Ireland now has the worst statistics for bTB yet we want to go down the same road.
    We have already done a badger cull to tackle this problem in the 70s and 80s and it made no difference whatsoever. the science says it will not make a difference, so why oh why can’t you lot see that.
    I am not a bunny hugger by the way, I am a farmer with a herd of cows who thankfully have never had TB, yet 4 groups of badgers cross the land here.
    My neighbors have not been so lucky and have had outbreaks of TB, which were traced to cows brought in from the local market.
    This is what could be stopped by testing cows before they went to market.
    All the latest reports on Ireland can be found on the defra and badger trust web sites.

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